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5 Sales Tips for Business That'll Boost Your Overall Success and Turnover

One cannot deny that sales is the engine that drives the business of any organisation regardless big or small. After all, it’s the backbone of any company and what keeps the business going mainly brings in the cash and customers.That said, sales dept is undeniably is also the most stressful dept of the entire organisation.Plus, it’s a high-focus department, meaning the higher-ups are watching and they expect continuous results.

So what does it take to become a top performer in sales? Simple, the sets of sales tips and tricks to get the job done. If you’re in need of such, then you’ve come to the right place as below  we have gathered 5 expert approved sales techniques and strategies for both beginners and advanced salespeople, covering everything from prospecting, following up, leveraging the right technology to get the job done as efficiently as possible, and more!

1. Have Conversations, Not Presentations

One of the most common mistakes that most salespeople do, is boring their clients with presentations. Yeah, let’s get it straight, it is boring. So, scrap off the PowerPoint presentation, and instead start a conversation with your prospects. Conversing with your prospect creates a personal bond and also serves as a two-way communication rather than a monotonous presentation that ends up being tedious and impactful. So, engage with your prospects through interactive dialogue rather than a one-way lecture. 

2. Know A-Z of The Product You’re Selling

People trust reviews and testimonials more than just words. So, don’t just be the seller of your product but be the consumer. Talk and explain to your prospect from a consumer point of view like sharing your personal experience with the product, how it benefits you and such. After all, you’re the ambassador of the product — if you don’t use it, why should anyone buy it from you? Most people don't care about the technical aspects of products, they want to know how the product can make their life easier immediately so tell them that. 

3. Always Follow Up But Don’t Spam

If there’s something all sales experts agree on, it’s the importance of the follow-up stage without being annoying and pushy of course. In fact, 80% of sales require at least five follow-ups. One of the best mediums to follow-up with your prospect is via emails. Some great follow-up emails include things like ‘Pleasure chatting with you earlier today’, ‘Writing to follow up on our last conversation’. Send a follow up email a day after your meeting and give time 2-3 days to think and get back to you. Again, remember patience is the key here.

4. Leverage on the Right Sales Tools & Softwares 

There are many cutting-edge tools designed specifically for your sales needs.From calendars to management, use the right resources to keep your day organized, your customers happy, and all relevant information accessible at any time. One of such tool is Salesteddy, an integrated sales management app that keeps track records of all your prospects and allows you to get in touch, schedule meetings with them on any days and times that work best for them. By using Salesteddy, you get to optimize your time efficiently as well as save you money too as we cover everything from visualization features to lead optimization. There’s no better time-saver for salespeople on the road.

5. Lastly, Focus on Quality and Not Quantity

Again, the most basic sales tips that many tend to forget is, value over numbers. When seeking out closing sales tips, many are confused: isn’t it better to have more customers as opposed to less? The answer is… Well, it is tempting to strive to get as many sales as possible as quickly as possible in order to impress your managers and feel like you’ve maximized your performance. But this can lead to burnout very quickly so focus on having more quality customers.

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