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5 Ways To Acquire and Retain the Best Talent

· Sales 101

According to a poll conducted by the job search website Indeed, 24 percent of workers expect to quit their present work in the first half of 2022. Forty-nine percent are doubtful if they will remain in their current employment over the next six months. In the aftermath of the epidemic, many employees are reconsidering their professional goals. Getting a fantastic employee is amazing. However, if you don't try to keep them motivated, you risk losing them.

1. Embrace new ways of working

EY 2021 Work Reimagined Employee Survey reported six out of ten respondents in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines stated they would quit their employment if they were not given post-pandemic flexibility. A flexible work environment is no longer an option. According to the Salesforce APAC Employee Engagement Report, 60% of Singaporeans claimed their companies had minimal or no technology to facilitate flexible work. If your company cannot completely handle remote work, you will be at a disadvantage.

2. Workplace branding is critical

Employee-focused branding must be as powerful and distinct as customer-focused branding. Employees must be attracted, engaged, and retained in the same way that consumers are. Having a reputation as a "wonderful place to work" helps recruit talent, according to 68 percent of employers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

3. Mixing your secret sauce: there’s no such thing as a readymade business culture

The culture of your company will not happen by itself. It's living, continuing, and evolving with purpose. Leaders shape culture through their actions. Yes, you may incorporate all of the cultural elements that you choose for your company. However, unlike a terrible jigsaw puzzle, this does not guarantee that all of the pieces will fit together. To attract and keep talent, culture must be distinct, real, and, ideally, founded on a purpose other than profit.

4. Invest in the Employee Experience (EX)

You must make technology work for you in a hybrid workplace. Your company may be going to great lengths to ensure that your Customer Experience (CX) is as incredibly smooth. Outdated technology and inefficient procedures will leave your employees befuddled.

5. Make every day count for staff, not just the first one

The first few days of employee retention are only the beginning. The remainder of the voyage is what matters. The employee life cycle is like the consumer life cycle, requiring equal attention. Long-term management and planning are critical to establishing and improving the employee experience.

Employees are like consumers; they use the power of the connected world to explore their alternatives and demonstrate their loyalty. The employee voice is powerful, especially when magnified by employer review sites like Glassdoor. Smart businesses will develop their employees and turn them into brand ambassadors.