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8 Qualities Every Top Salesperson Should Have

· Sales 101

Anyone can be a salesperson, but not everyone can succeed. Mike spends a lot of time figuring out what makes a good salesperson, and his answers are as below:

1. Passion & Enthusiasm

“I think that a good salesperson should be passionate and enthusiastic about his job, and this means way more than meeting quota and sales targets. Truly passionate salespeople work for higher goals, such as personal achievement and long-lasting relationship building. Being very passionate about the right stuff would have long-term benefits that keep paying back for your entire life.

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They are always motivated to commit and deliver their values. They are also ready to make a sale at any given moment and continually looking for possibilities.”

2. Optimism & Upbeat

“It is normal to hear ‘no’ when one deals with a customer. However, an optimistic salesperson takes this as a space for improvement. They will think positively because an objection doesn’t always mean failure.

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They will also find other opportunities to convince their prospects and focus on the other things that they can control.”

3. Empathy & Compassion

“Empathy and compassion are the basic requirements to delivering excellent customer service. Compassionate and empathetic salespeople listen to people attentively and give them the opportunity to share their opinions and concerns. Good salespeople would put themselves in the other people’s shoes without being judgemental to better understand them. It tells them how they can better help their clients.

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They also constantly prioritize their prospects’ needs to show that they really care and hope to solve their problems, instead of thinking to achieve their own sales goals.”

4. Communication Skill

“A good salesperson must have good communication skills. It is not necessary to be talkative, but you should be able to convince a customer and make them want to buy with you. Most importantly, avoid using jargons and slangs that not everyone can understand. Always pitch your ideas using simple and layman language to make sure that your clients get your point.”

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5. Listening Skill

“Everyone can talk but only a few know how to listen. Until you start marketing your product or service, you need to listen to the pain point of your consumer. Always understand their problems and needs because a good salesperson helps clients solve problems rather than trying hard to sell.”

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6. Knowledgeable

“To close the deal, you need to be first and have the right knowledge to help your prospect. Let’s say you’re a buyer, would you buy from someone who doesn’t even clear about what he’s selling? So, it is important to have in-depth knowledge about your company’s product or service so that you’re always well-prepared before meeting them.

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With relevant knowledge, you will never feel nervous or afraid of tough questions from the clients. Also, it helps to build trust and confidence to close the sale.”

7. Determination & Persistence

“A good salesperson never gives up easily. You need to know how to get your job done under any circumstances, but in a proper way. You’ll get to break through when you do your job consistently.

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Always remind your clients that you’re by their side with a solution to their problems. And this helps to give them multiple chances to connect with you. Although it may take some time to get a response from them to schedule a meeting or open a discussion, they will thank you in the end.”

8. Creative & Resourceful

“You may be curious about why creativity is important to a salesperson. However, the top salesperson looks at things differently and this is what makes them special. Creative thinking and analytical abilities will allow you to propose ideas that others simply can not see.

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A creative person is also resourceful and they make the best out of anything they have. So, if you want to be the best, you need to be a creative problem-solver who can come up with fresh and inventive ways to help your customers.”

Now you know the top qualities you need to cultivate to be a good salesperson. Try to be that kind of person to practice and implement these success traits in your life and your career.