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A Better Way of Doing Lead Generation & Management for Clients As a Digital Agency

· Marketing for Leads

Lead generation is the process of drawing leads (your potential customers) into a contact management or marketing software system with the hope of nurturing them during the purchasing process to help persuade them about your offerings and eventually turn them into a paying customer.

As digital agencies, we all know that lead generation is the first important step and the way we manage the leads acquired defines the path to success – sales closing.

Are you tired of evaluating the lead generation process manually? Do you know what is going on in each stage of the process? Do you understand what stops you from deals closing? These are the answers that you need to find out to better help your clients in their lead generation and management process.

How to manage leads more effectively?

The conventional way of obtaining and tracking the status of leads in each stage is through manually checking. You might start to think: “Is there a more time-saving and easier way of doing it? I’m tired of doing everything manually.”

This is why technology is so important in our society. With advanced technology, developers have come out with an amazing solution – lead management software system. Salesteddy is a great example of a lead management software system. It works under a systematic progress from helping clients drive more leads and eventually converting them into actual sales.

Why is Salesteddy so helpful?

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1. Automated System – All Salesteddy users need to do is just provide the system with sufficient information such as the contact details of the lead and the status of the lead. Then, it will automatically generate a comprehensive sales performance overview for the sales advisors and sales manager. Ultimately, Salesteddy gives businesses the ability to achieve high level efficiency and return on marketing investment through sales management using an automated platform.

2. Instant Notification on Updates – As mentioned above, Salesteddy is an automated software system. It provides regular reminders (immediately, hourly, daily, weekly) based on the users’ requirements and settings of the software. Users will get updated on the latest sales process or performance with the system’s notifications and get an idea on what to do next.

3. 100% Record-Keeping – To make full use of the Salesteddy system, all activities such as text messaging and calling have to be done using the application. The main reason for doing this is to make sure that the system can keep all activities in records. This helps the users to track and trace the entire sales process when needed.

It is important to obtain all information at different stages of your clients’ purchasing journey to better acquire and manage the leads generated. Always remember that what you do is to solve a problem for your clients. Moreover, clients are smart nowadays, they are learning better questions to ask, in order to make a sound decision as they get closer to the final decision making stage. So, why don’t you try a better option to increase efficiency and productivity?