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How Does Social Selling Works? : Part One

· Sales 101

Have you ever heard about this before? We are pretty sure, businesses must be aware about this technique? But, the question is do you know how it operates and how it’s going to give a good achievement to your company? If the answer is NO, then you are in the right place. We will peel the insights one by one to give you a clear vision about this. 

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You’ve probably even heard the term ‘social selling’ in some capacity. Maybe you sat up a little straighter, thinking you ‘get it’ or maybe you nodded your head in silence when your manager told you to optimize your sales strategy.

The art of using social media to discover, engage with, appreciate, and cultivate business opportunities is known as social selling. It's the new way to build positive relationships with prospects because you're the first person or brand that comes to mind when they're ready to shop.

For many salespeople, it’s replaced the dreaded practice of cold calling.

Moreover, if you've never used the word or terms to describe your online activities or given any attention to what social selling really means. But since you have a Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn profile, or professional Twitter account, you're still doing the fundamentals of social selling.

According to Digital Sales Institute, social selling is now a vital part as traditional sales methods have diminishing returns.  In the digital era, traditional sales tactics have diminishing returns when trying to reach potential clients. To sustain business success, sales professionals need to adopt digital and social selling techniques as part of any efficient sales strategy. Social selling skills are transforming sales, social reach, customer engagement, networking, awareness, prospecting and lead generation.

Building relationships and listening for the right time to enter the discussion so you can introduce yourself as a solution to a dilemma are all important aspects of social selling. Rather than being yet another web annoyance to disregard, the aim is to solve an urgent need to make your prospect's life simpler.

Take a look at this short and brief video regarding the overview about social selling. 

In a nutshell, social selling is the process of using tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to:

  1. Create relationships
  2. Define reputation
  3. Gain visibility among target market
  4. Deliver value to your target market
  5. Establish credibility and occurrence.Social selling is a new approach to selling that allows salespeople to laser-target their prospecting and establish rapport through existing connections. From the previous blog post, [What is Social Selling] we had already explained the definition of social selling. For those who are still new and need a heads-up about social selling, you may click the link above.