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How You Can Improve Lead Response Time

· Sales 101

We all have heard the old saying that "Time is money". But what does it mean exactly?The saying was first introduced by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. What Benjamin Franklin meant by the phrase is, time should be spent wisely on opportunities presented. The idea of time as a currency is no different than today's world, where people are making ends meet day and night, some even go as far as moonlighting during their free time instead of resting.

Despite the importance of time in our lives, did you know that 78% of B2B customers are more likely to purchase from vendors that respond first? An even more stunning statistic is where only 27% of leads are contacted at all. To capitalise leads, there are few things you can do to improve your lead response time.

1. Live Chat on Your Website.

Live chat is an online customer service software that is capable of real-time online chat and web analysis. The application of live chat improves the experience in support,with their questions being answered immediately. Live chat is much better than email, which is hard to anticipate whether you will get a response back. The immediate pace in customer service gives customers more satisfaction. Live chat is also useful to increase productivity of your teams. There is only a limit to how much a person can be on a phone call and email replies, but with live chat software is a much more flexible tool where customer service agents may alternate between a few customers at once.

2. Using Automated Response Tools.

An autoresponder is a computer programmed to answer or reply to any inquiries.With automatic response, this tool provides employees with more time to catch up, while autoresponder tools such as automated emails and chatbot may be able to answer basic questions presented to them. Automated responses are capable of analysing users’ data,which is useful for sales reps to understand the intentions behind customers' questions, to save time and generate a much more efficient engagement with customers.

3. Measure lead response time.

Knowing the average lead response time is important for your business, with the information they have, businesses and organisations are able to track and improve their strategy. Measuring the lead response time, helps businesses to create their own benchmark and goals, to give the best experience to their leads. The shorter the lead response time the less frustrated leads are when waiting for a sales rep responding to them.

With lead response time being the backbone of brands' long-term growth, it is an utterly imperative principle in saving both ends’ time and resources to maximise gains and productivity. Therefore, implementing live chat, automated response tools, and measuring lead response time are how you can improve lead response time. 

There are actually more improvements that you can make, compared to the result mentioned above. You won’t ever anticipate how lead response time helps your business operation more potent than your previous lead response time until you take a shot at one of the available techniques to generate more leads and better response time in the market!

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