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Top 3 Small Business Trend in 2022

· Sales 101

Due to COVID-19, last year was an uncertain one for ASEAN's small and medium-sized companies (SMBs). According to the most recent survey update, SMBs consider attracting new customers to be the most difficult challenge. The latest survey also demonstrates that SMB leaders are more concerned than ever about maintaining existing customers. These findings revealed new trends, emphasizing the linkages between revenue growth and certain business approaches. So these are the top 3 small business for 2022:

1. A focus on shifting customer expectations

According to SMBs, keeping up with demand and personalization are two of their most difficult customer engagement concerns. Customers' digital habits and desire for seamless, multichannel interactions were increased as a result of the pandemic. They also demand convenient and personalized interactions with your business.

2. Happy employees mean happy customers

Excellent customer experiences are dependent on employees acquiring the right data, tools, and circumstances to do their task efficiently. Equipping your employees with the proper tools will result in higher job satisfaction. As a result, there is a greater emphasis on meeting the needs of the customer.

3. Investments in technology that empower customers and employees

Sales and marketing systems empower workers by providing better, more comprehensive client data, allowing them to better address the changing demands of their customers.

Sales - A CRM system provides a sales team with detailed information on prospects on a large scale. With so much data on each prospect, your sales team has the ability to provide a personalized sales pitch every time.

Marketing - CRM can help marketing teams organize marketing initiatives and materials in one location. Your marketing team will have real - time visibility into how campaigns are functioning and producing revenue for the business with a single central hub for marketing campaigns and lead data.

Customer service - CRM may help customer service teams gain a unified perspective of their customers. Agents will have full case histories, specific account information, and even the customer's preferred form of communication. All of this information makes it easier for your agents to give personalized service that converts customers into brand supporters.

The digital transformation is changing the way businesses function. Businesses are witnessing cost savings and increasing profitability as a result of enhanced data collecting and customer experience. The business trends are rapidly evolving so do customer expectations. Making our products and services more convenient will help us to meet the expectations of customers. Not just that, investing towards our employees will increase the efficiency of our services in fulfilling customer needs.