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Ways to understand

“Customer Need”

during the sales process?

· Sales 101

How can you understand what your customer needs?Analysing your customers' needs can help in understanding what motivates them into buying your products or services.

Customer Need

You need to understand what motivates a person to buy a product or service. Customers' needs can generally be split into two main categories which are core needs and aspirational needs. Core needs are essential features that a customer needs so that they would stay around or buy your product. Things such as affordable prices, user experience and good customer service comes into play. On the other hand, aspirants need to focus on a desire to enhance their status and self-worth. Aspirational needs are more on connecting with brands that offer experience and other things that align with the customers’ value. These brands need to be socially responsible, support charities or products that are locally sourced. You need to set up a customer needs program such as surveys, reviews or any open-ended customer feedback to know what your customers need. By understanding your customers’ needs, you can deliver a great user experience and also rethink the way you market your products. Through your customers’ feedback, you can detect unmet needs and also allow room for improvement and innovation.

Types of Customer Needs

A customers’ need is what motivates them into buying something. There are a few types of customers’ needs.

1- Price

Customers are always looking for something to match their budget. They also expect the price would reflect the value and quality of the product. However, customers would pay more if they get to experience better customer service.

2- Functionally

Customers want products or services that can help solve their problems or make their lives easier.

3- Usability

Customers tend to prefer products that are easy to use and help them accomplish their task in a seamless way.

4- Reliability

Customers want products that are reliable where the products are able to perform its purpose without failure.

5- Support

A customer expects to get a fast, personalised reply by the customer service through a channel of their choosing.

6- Security

When a customer interacts through digital channels, they want to ensure that their transactions are safe, their personal data is protected and their information will not be lost.

By understanding your customers’ needs, you would be able to personalise and have a more specific target audience that are surely interested in your products and services. So, try to analyse what the customers need so that you can close a sale with a happy and  satisfied customer.