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4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Generate Leads and Sales Online

· Marketing for Leads

When it comes to how to respond to the current state of affairs, we have two decisions – panic, or thrive. The good news is that you can still generate sales and provide cash flow while consumers are not coming in and to-go orders are down, now.

Here are some strategies you can implement immediately:

#1 Pre-sell gift cards or vouchers

For businesses with a retail store, consider selling gift cards and vouchers at a cheaper price for future use. This not only generates more cash flow, which is super important, but ensures the customers come back in when your location reopens.

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If you own an online store, the same can be done as well – Sell gift cards and vouchers to trigger their purchasing decisions. This will eventually boost your company sales.

#2 Offer contactless and transparent delivery

During the pandemic, social distancing is important to prevent the spread of viruses. Hence, businesses can initiate to offer contactless and transparent delivery to keep their businesses running.

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To ensure the safety of the products ordered by customers, businesses can consider updating their clients regularly through email, or SMS to keep them updated on the delivery status of their orders.

#3 Start a live program on social media platform

Right now, people yearn for connection and community. With a free video series through Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn Live, reach out to your community. Although it’s already 2021, it’s better late than never. Take this as an opportunity to try out new things and leverage your skills.

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For example, you can connect with your audience daily or weekly, offering updates, opinions, your expertise, and the latest deals of your business, etc. And don't be afraid to be flawed. Without expensive equipment or sets, everybody knows you are at home, so just be you authentically.

#4 Launch paid program (webinars)

Other than starting free live sessions, you can also consider launching paid online programs that offer valuable knowledge and information to your audience. For example, retailers can offer a weekly shopping show where you display some of your customer favorites and viewers can make purchases that you’ll deliver to their door, or a private styling service done virtually, using the person’s closet at home to map out outfits. Get creative. Just be as creative as you can.

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