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New Normals of Growing Sales

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Whether you’re leading a sales team or trying to hit quotas yourself, selling today means unique challenges.

Top 3 Sales Challenges

(Source: Sales Force)

Sales teams are facing significant roadblocks in connecting with customers the way they’re accustomed to. In particular, these are the primary challenges:

  • It’s more difficult to see customers. 
  • Many customers aren’t in a buying mindset. 
  • Teams are missing the right tools to sell remotely

Sales Teams Should Practice Insight Selling

(Source: Sales Force)

To differentiate their services from other companies, sales reps should lean into insight selling with every customer conversation. Insight selling enables sales teams to use personalized information about prospects’ businesses and industries to uncover new opportunities – and help them drive sustained growth.

Sales Teams Can Still Connect with Customers

(Source: Sales Force)

Good news: Just because you can’t see customers in person – and you may be physically distanced from them – doesn’t mean you can’t build a relationship with them. Who you are will shine through, whether it’s a face-to-face interaction or over the phone. Customers are still making purchases, so it’s up to you to adjust your sales motion to the new normal of physical distancing.

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