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Do you know what the Most Important Topics for Sales Presentations are?

· Marketing for Leads

When you are in a meeting with a client, you should navigate through what you need to talk about to your client and how you can persuade them into using your products or services. Here are a few things that you can mention to your client.

1- Industry Challenges

You can subtly suggest that your products or services are a need to have and not just something that is nice to have. You need to sell the idea that your products or services are a need or a must and not a desire. You can do so by outlining common pain points and problems that your products or services solve without mentioning them. talk about the problems that your prospects are likely to face. It is important to focus on the prospect and their challenges. You should also include any relevant data to support your claims and engage with the prospect through relevant conversations

2- Success Story

Use case study to show the success of your products or services in helping the client to overcome their challenges. With customer testimonials, you will not be seen as self-absorbed but instead customers can vouch for the effectiveness of your products and services. The more case studies you have, the more credibility and trustworthy your products and services are.

3- Success Achievement

This topic centres around showing the prospect how to get from facing the challenges to solving them with the usage of your products and services. This can be referred to “Before-After-Bridge” (BAB) where before is the situation that the client is in before getting the solution, the after is the situation after the solution and the bridge is the way the client goes from before to after.

4- CTAs

Another topic that can be highlighted is the call-to-action (CTA). It is important that your prospect knows how to contact you and make sure that there is a specific CTA that is relevant to your prospect. The CTAs function as a way to guide the prospect through the sales process.

These few topics can help in optimising your presentation so that you can achieve efficient meetings. So take note on what you can improve and what you should talk about in your next meeting.