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How To Sell In The New Normal?

· Sales 101

So, the fear hit us again. The COVID-19 cases in Malaysia rises unexpectedly and rapidly in Malaysia. On 29th May 2021, DG Hisham from his Twitter mentioned Malaysia reported 9,020 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, the highest daily toll since the start of the pandemic and the fifth straight day of record new infections. This is really heart-shattering, when we need to be ready for the next economy down-age again. 

But remember, there is always a way-out for any problem. We just need to find the right path to make it happen well. For business people, we should know the right techniques to sell and how to generate more leads into the business. Think hard on switching your business to something that can be beneficial for all people to buy. 

Here are the simple techniques that we could implement to sell our product in this new normal.

1. Start Selling Remotely

With the development of technologies, remote selling has become a need. The goal of this new normal is to not only survive, but to thrive and emerge stronger. As a result, face-to-face meetings and handshakes are no longer the norm when it comes to closing significant transactions.

You'll need the correct remote working tools to boost your productivity if you want to work successfully and efficiently. But first, you must determine what exactly is clogging up your job. Select those that you believe will assist you in working more effectively once you've identified the issue area.

For example, using a lead-management-tool to monitor your quantifying leads in the business. It provides you with a consolidated view of all deals, prospects, and customers. Since sometimes you are not allowed to work at the office, you'll need more time to glean insights from each sale, allowing for more meaningful interactions. As a result, you can trace which sales people are actually contributing their effort in the business and which are not. With that you can easily trace and make wise decisions into the company. 

You might be interested in this lead-to-sales management tool, Salesteddy, where it really helps the management to monitor their leads with a clearer view and having real-time pipeline growth. Not to mention, it also helps in having better resources management.

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2. Lucidity and Clarity Rendered

Clarity rendered is allowing the consumer time to digest or think about their alternatives while also delivering a unique and new answer to their current circumstances or needs. 

Clarity can also be achieved by comparing and contrasting available options, instead of just presenting your product or service in isolation. Show the options and compare the benefits, including time and cost savings. The key success factor is to ensure that the sales team of your company is taking ownership of the situation, as much as possible, rather than allowing the situation to take ownership of your company and its potential customers.

This is because customers want to feel that online selling or e-commerce shops and sites are being transparent and giving them all of the information, not playing a game of smoke and mirrors. By providing clarity or transparency is not just good for customers but it's beneficial for businesses as well. Greater transparency leads to fewer abandoned shopping carts and more satisfied customers.

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3. Know your prospect / potential customer

With so much uncertainty about the pandemic's long-term implications, prospects are probably more anxious about the budget now than they were three months ago. It's also vital to remember that the pandemic is having a variety of impacts on many businesses. Investigate the industry to learn about your targets' present business prospects and the most pressing issues they face.

Communicate to prospects that you are aware of their financial constraints. Tell them that you understand they may not be able to make a significant purchase right now, but that you are here to help them out. Provide them with high-quality information that answers their most pressing problems.Even if the prospect is not ready to buy right now, you can position yourself to be a go-to solution once the economy begins to improve.

During this hard time, it is crucial for business among business to help each other back and at the same time grow the business together. It is easy to sell a product but it is not easy to create trust and good relationships with people. Put yourself as a consultation person, become a problem solver to people. With that attitude, surely your business will grow much bigger and your brand acknowledgment will be increasing as well. 

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A lot of businesses have been forgetting their previous customers or prospects once the deal has been settled. Do not think previous customers will not bring benefits into your business again. As always, your existing customers are a great source of potential business. Make sure you nurture these relationships during the pandemic. Check in with your customers to find out what specific challenges they are facing right now. Formulate a plan to help them navigate their challenges and receive maximum value from your solution.

Collaborate with your customer success team to determine your clients' most pressing demands. You may collaborate to produce webinars and other high-value material that addresses their needs directly. You want to represent yourself as a partner who can assist the consumer in overcoming the pandemic's obstacles wherever feasible.

During a downturn, sales are always a problem, but the simultaneous hurdles of the economy and the pandemic make things much more difficult. However, if you can show empathy for prospects and effectively frame your solution, you can effectively navigate the downturn.

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5. Emphasizing the product you have will be an asset for your client now and in future.

You'll need to rework your pitch to make it pandemic-specific. Consider how the outbreak has affected your prospect's business and how your solution may help. Is your customer having trouble acquiring new customers as they transition to digital distribution? Would it be more important for them to safeguard employees from infection or to accommodate workers who are increasingly working from home?

Find an angle so that you can position your product as a solution to new business challenges. Ask plenty of questions about how the prospect is adapting to the pandemic. It’s quite possible that they’re facing problems you aren’t able to foresee. Use what you learn to refine your pitch further.

All of your comments should go back to how your solution can help the prospect solve their existing problems. Avoid phrases like "when business resumes normalcy." We have no idea when that will happen, which decreases the urgency for your prospect. You want to demonstrate why your product is necessary right now.

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