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    Lead Generation Marketers' Best Friend

    Salesteddy's integration with multiple lead source channels like Facebook Ad Manager allows marketers to better optimise campaigns with clearer information of lead progress within the sales funnel, unavailable in the past.

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    Save Cost On Hiring Headcount To Just Manage Leads For Sales Team!

    With Salesteddy's integration and software made available to individual sales person, you no longer need someone to delegate and monitor the leads. The leads are assigned and management has access to the progress data at anytime, anywhere, around the clock!

  • What is Salesteddy?

    A company's sales team is the most important function that drives any business forward through good and bad times. However, in order for sales to drive optimum results, the marketing has its role to play to ensure the leads generated are from the right audience with right expectations.


    Ultimately, the whole marketing and sales teams should coherently ensure success in driving revenue where...

    Marketing team should be able to optimise leads that are of quality and high likelihood of converting to buying customers while minimising wastage of investments to generate leads that don't convert.

    Sales team should be equipped with knowledge, skills and experience to turn leads into buying customers by taking the right actions at the right moments and avoid leads from cooling down and ended up buying elsewhere or from someone else.


    Salesteddy provides an easy-to-use lead-to-sales management process by empowering the marketing team to drive better leads with sales conversion numbers attributed to any running campaign while providing management with real-time sales performance analytics for better support and intervention to close more sales.


    With Salesteddy, businesses would know where exactly is the leakage within the marketing-to-sale process and what precisely to fix.

  • Why Salesteddy is loved by many?

    What's not to love when we have solutions to all your problems.

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    Curious to find out how leads are best managed by the sales team?


    We provide the know-how, where, and when to top management in real-time for better sales achievement and efficient resources handling.

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    Frustrated with questions on our lead generation strategy when healthy number of leads are being delivered to the sales team? Their reply? Well what's use of lead numbers when they can't convert to appointments?


    Through Salesteddy, marketers are given a full view of sales activities for the leads they generated so that they can optimise ad channels and ad sets - minimise wastage and maximise returns!

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    Sales Advisors

    Imagine having a personal assistant updating you on daily leads status.


    Say goodbye to repetitive, administrative works and long reporting sessions on leads and sales, let's be more productive.

  • What Our Clients Says

    “We have a clearer view of our leads status and can monitor real-time pipeline growth using Salesteddy. Salesteddy also helped us in having better resources management. We are fascinated with their leads-to-sales management system!”


    R. Ong, Honda dealership in Kuala Lumpur

    “With Salesteddy, we can now contact our prospects faster and close more sales! Now we don't have to have long-sit down sessions with our management to update on every single prospects and it makes the reporting flow smoother. Thank you, Salesteddy!”


    Sales Advisor, Honda dealership in Johor Bahru

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