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Why Employee Retention will Being Affect by Sales Coaching Platform

· Sales 101

Strong sales reps are the lifeblood of your business and how you choose to invest in them matters.Most sales organisations already operate at enterprise scale and managers oversee teams of 10 plus people, which makes personalised goal setting and custom action plans seem unattainable. That’s when an investment in sales coaching comes in. 

When considering an investment in a sales coaching platform, one of the first examinations to conduct is how the platform will bring value to your people and their position in the business. Better coaching can improve call volume and other key sales activities an average of 25% and revenue metrics an average of 5% year over year. When looking at bottom-line impact, sales coaching platforms create efficiencies, which saves managers seven to nine hours of prep time per week giving them greater bandwidth to do more with less. 

On average, sales platform-powered organisations are able to add one to three more direct reports to frontline managers’ teams, allowing organisations to scale at a higher velocity while retaining top talent. Sales teams really can’t afford to not invest in sales coaching and their employees. Employee churn can devastate the bottom line, and ramping new reps can cost valuable time and money. 

With a sales coaching platform, organisations recoup the software investment in eight months on average and it increases employee retention by 2% year over year. No matter how you look at it, sales training and coaching plays a bigger role in all outcomes for high-growth companies when compared to negative-growth companies. It’s important to note that not all sales coaching platforms are created equal. For the best business outcomes, ensure that the software you choose is grounded in performance data and customizable based on metrics, roles, or expectations. 

As the industry continues to collect the hard data, the effect sales coaching has on employee retention is powerful. When you invest, your rep invests, which leads to less employee turnover.Sales coaching is one of- if not the most- important parts of sales management and leadership. Lead your team to greatness by focusing on connection, motivation, engagement, and helping your reps close more deals