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4 Sales Trends to Keep An Eye On in 2022

· Sales 101

Trends are something that most of us want to follow as that is what the people want. Despite everything that has been going on in the past few years, companies can still attract buyers in one way or another. Here are a few sales trends to watch unfold in 2022.

Buyers Are More Inform

Nowadays with the rise in the usage of the internet, over 90 percent of buyers research about the products online before purchasing. The buyers already know about the products and your company so they only need a reason why they should choose your company. In the sea of companies that produce high value, low cost products, buyers are faced with the dilemma of an overwhelming amount of choices and that is where non-product aspects of a business start to stand out. 15 percent of buyers said yes when asked if they value conversations with sales representatives. Essentially, buyers are doing research, so they expect companies to do the same.

CX Expectations Are On The Rise

Customer Experience (CX) expectations are on the rise especially as we move out of the pandemic. To fulfil that demand, your company needs to be fast, accessible, personable and technologically up-to-date. 86 percent of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. There are two aspects to focus on which are personalization and conversational sales and social selling. 98 percent of marketers said personalization improves the customer relationship and buyers are more likely to buy from brands that engage with them. On another hand, a huge part of customer experience now takes place digitally especially on social media so having an Instagram or Facebook account is the same as the buyers searching for your company on Google.

Use Data and Analytics to Drive Revenue

Sales analytics may still be flawed but they are complex enough to make realistic predictions based on current sales, industry trends and financial health. Understanding sales analytics and using the right analytic tools place your company in the best possible position to increase revenue. For example, looking at email-open rates, your sales and marketing department can see potential buyers. They can also look at those data to determine demographics of the most used email openers and adjust marketing and strategy accordingly. If your company blasts a product and only a specific group of people reply and interact with it, that tells your team who their target audience is. It can give you the audience that you are looking for or keep you on track with your campaign. Sales data also tells you what needs to be improved and might need a bit of help.

Embrace Technology and Digital Sales 

With hundreds of thousands of people still working remotely, many customers want to communicate more digitally and are likely to purchase from online. Companies need to work with their sales team to personalise the customers’ email, chat communications and train them in CRM software. Something to take note is your efficiency software is competitive and functional. If your software is not giving accurate analytics then your sales and marketing department are going to be out of breath to catch up.

These trend is what marketers are expecting to see in 2022 as we are now more data driven and rely on online platforms. So, watch out through the rest of 2022 and see if the trend is a yay or a nay.