• Leads generated don't convert to closed sales.

    Is it marketing (source)'s or sales team's problem?

    Have you experienced this?

  • Salesteddy brings clarity to your lead generation marketing efforts.

    Salesteddy is a lead management app that connects to lead generation source level and distributes, as well as redistributes the leads at real time without the need of extra headcount to consolidate data and sales activities details manually.


    In other words, marketing to sales activity insights to drive better sales performance, whenever and whereever you are!

  • Seamless Sales Reporting Experience

    No more paperwork hassle!

    Growing Your Business

    Build your business strategy on the inbound strategy to better manage leads, close more deals, and delight your customers. Generally, we help you increase sales by providing instant updates on the sales process.

    Better understanding of Sales Statistics

    With Salesteddy, you can achieve sales growth by managing the leads and converting them into sales using an automated tool. It’s fast and hassle-free. We give your business the ability to achieve high-level efficiency and return on marketing investment through sales management using our automated platform.

    Increase Sales Transparency

    Generally, there is a lack of visibility in the lead status that digital marketing agencies generate for clients. Salesteddy makes your marketing effortfully transparent and traceable with a view of every lead generated for your business by channel, for all time. With the full visibility of the sales process, it helps to eliminate unnecessary workloads and employment costs as well.

  • How Salesteddy Works



    Leads generated from ad sources like Facebook Ad Manager are connected to Salesteddy Sales Management Tool to automatically capture leads information at real time.



    Your leads are automatically assigned to your Sales Agents respectively through their mobile phones and they are immediately notified.



    Your Sales Agents receives the leads' information and they can engage your leads straight away.



    Your Sales Agents actions and progress are automatically updated and the information is reflected to the management portal at real-time.



    Marketing leads generation performance for optimisation and Sales team's progress are updated at real time to allow immediate support to drive better sales results!

  • Features Highlight

    Get your Sales Team a Personal Asistant!

    Instant Notification on

    NEW Leads

    The users are able to get notifications whenever there are new leads/prospects being assigned to them so that they can call immediately to avoid the leads from turning cold!

    Auto Reassignment on

    Uncontacted Leads

    All uncontacted leads would be auto reassign to other users within the team for a follow-up to prevent the leads from turning cold or wasted. Call the leads on time to prevent reassignment!

    Reminder for Follow-Up Tasks /

    To-Do Tasks

    Users are able to set up reminders for follow-up/to-do tasks via Salesteddy App. No more forgetting your leads and say Goodbye to your little notebook!

  • Simple Pricing with Multiple Choices

    Check out on the packages that suits you!