• FAQ - Business Management

    1. What does Salesteddy do?

    Salesteddy is a digital platform that helps in sales management. We provide smart business software that helps to identify new perspectives and keep your pipeline filled with qualified leads.

    2. Why do I need Salesteddy? Why can’t I do it on my own, or use other systems?

    To better manage your sales team and sales process, you need an automated system that provides daily reminders and instant updates on your sales pipeline status. There are some similar systems in the market but the unique point of Salesteddy is that it guarantees sales growth at the lowest possible cost and risk.

    3. How much does Salesteddy cost?

    The price of the Salesteddy system depends on your requirements – What is your specific requirement on the number of returns? How long do you wish to implement the system?


    Most importantly, we need to understand your company composition to create a customized and unique management system plan.

    4. What is the average sales conversion rate?

    This is the concrete thing that every user is curious about. However, we do not guarantee a specific percentage of conversion because it solely depends on the type of campaign or promotion done by your company, the duration of the campaign, as well as the time of period of the campaign (e.g. MCO period – you do not expect high sales growth during a pandemic).

    5. What is the profiling of the leads? How do you target the correct market?

    Based on your requirements, we customize personalized keywords for a specific group of audience. By identifying the interests, needs, behaviors, and goals of your targeted audience, we will be able to filter irrelevant audiences.

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