• FAQ - Marketers

    1. How does the Salesteddy system work?

    As a sales management system, it monitors the entire sales pipeline process. By inserting necessary information (contact number, pipeline status and details), you get an overview of your sales process on the Salesteddy system


    As a marketer and if you run lead generation campaign on Facebook, you'll have access to the data of leads that are attributed to respective ad sets that progress within the sales pipeline. Gone were the days when the data ends at how many leads generated only - now you can even know the leads are moving down the sales pipeline so that you'll know how to optimise the ad campaign better!

    2. How are the sales pipeline / funnel categorised?

    Once a lead is channeled to the sales team automatically, Salesteddy categorised this lead in the profile of respective salesperson based on stage as below:



    - No Answer, Busy, Wrong Number, Not Interested, Whatsapp No Reply, Loan Rejected


    - In Progress, Contacted Pending Test Drive, Whatsapped Replied, Called


    - Test Drive Pending Submission


    - Documents Submitted Pending Approval, Loan Accepted


    - Sales Closed


    Lead scoring helps your sales team identify the real value behind the different leads in your pipeline and set realistic targets for your team. You can also learn what kinds of leads convert the most.

    3. How does the lead assignment work?

    Every salesperson will be assigned a certain amount of leads by the sales manager. The qualified leads need to be contacted/updated within a certain time period (e.g. 48 hours). Otherwise, these leads will be reassigned to another salesperson.


    The last we want is the lead goes cold after all the marketers' hard work in lead generation efforts.

    4. Do I still need to assign one person to handle the leads that are generated?

    That's the key value of Salesteddy - process automation. What used to be having one headcount managing the leads after you've successfully generated them and then to assign to respective sales people, not to mention follow-up and report to the management - is now not needed and fully automated.


    You get the most up to date progress while the sales team and key management members log in to portal to see the performance report anytime, anywhere they are. What's better than able to optimise ad campaigns anytime of the day with the access to data 24/7?

    5. How secured is my data? (only dedicated Sales Manager / Super Admin User will be able to view ALL data)

    All records and data will be stored privately in the system only and with the global standard of data security. Salesteddy only acts as the infrastructure operator and all data belongs to you and Client.

    6. How will the Salesteddy system provide support?

    Should you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Salesteddy support team through phone (+603 92129397) or email ([email protected]). We are always happy to help.

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