• FAQ - Sales Teams

    1. How does the Salesteddy system work?

    As a sales management system, it monitors the entire sales pipeline process. By inserting necessary information (contact number, pipeline status and details), you get an overview of your sales process on the Salesteddy system.

    2. How do I qualify my leads?

    Once you get a contact, follow up with them as soon as possible to keep them warm. To qualify the leads, Salesteddy has a lead scoring system:



    - No Answer, Busy, Wrong Number, Not Interested, Whatsapp No Reply, Loan Rejected


    - In Progress, Contacted Pending Test Drive, Whatsapped Replied, Called


    - Test Drive Pending Submission


    - Documents Submitted Pending Approval, Loan Accepted


    - Sales Closed


    Lead scoring helps your sales team identify the real value behind the different leads in your pipeline and set realistic targets for your team. You can also learn what kinds of leads convert the most.

    3. How does the lead assignment work?

    Every salesperson will be assigned a certain amount of leads by your sales manager. You are required to follow up with your qualified leads within a certain time period (e.g. 48 hours). Otherwise, your leads will be reassigned to another salesperson.

    4. How often do I get notifications or reminders from the system?

    Every salesperson will get a daily or weekly reminder on the leads and sales pipeline status (based on your requirements). Also, you will receive real-time updates when someone visits your website, opens your email, or mentions your brand. It allows salespeople to stop relying on guesswork and instead seize opportunities in real-time.

    5. How does the Salesteddy system keep the sales records?

    You are required to provide relevant information such as contact numbers and lead status into the system so that it has control over the data. Also, all activities such as call, text, and email should be done within the system so that it can obtain information through the interactions with qualified leads.

    6. How secured is my data? (only sales manager will be able to view all data)

    All records and data will be stored exclusively in the system only. Every salesperson will be able to check their own record while the sales manager has access to every salesperson’s leads and sales pipeline status.

    7. How does Salesteddy help to increase productivity and efficiency?

    As an automated system, Salesteddy helps to store data and generate an overview of the sales possibilities at various stages in the sales process. This shows the salespeople how many offers are available and how much they are worth. Through this, you know what offers you need to concentrate on and where to invest time and effort.

    8. How will the Salesteddy system provide support?

    Should you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Salesteddy support team through phone (+603 92129397) or email ([email protected]). We are always happy to help.

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