• Ding Dong~ Your Personal Sales Assistant is here!

    Start your daily task with Salesteddy, we will get it done for you!

    Never Missed Out Any Customers

    Get in touch with your customers through Salesteddy at your fingertips!

    Work Smarter, Not Harder

    Let Salesteddy manage your Sales Process!

  • Salesteddy - Your Personal Sales Assistant

    We Support You With Our Best Work 24/7!

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    Get Instant Notification

    Always losing your customer’s contact or forgetting to contact new customers?


    Salesteddy will notify you right away when new leads come in and make sure that you get back to them on time.

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    Track Your Sales Performance

    Not sure how your Sales Performance is and want to get motivated while working?

    Salesteddy will help you keep track of your Sales Performance and make sure that you will hit your Sales Target!

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    Get Task Reminder

    Keep forgetting to follow up with your customers or have too many tasks to handle at once?


    Salesteddy will remind you of every task set and make sure that you can complete them on time!

  • Get Yourself A Personal Assistant in just one click.

    Individual Plan

    Individual Plan

    For individual users
    - 50 Active Leads Managed Per Month

    - FB lead gen integration
    - Lead Management app
    - Basic lead status analytics
    Coming soon