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3 Ways to Express Gratitude in Sales

· Sales 101

As a seller, you should always be polite to your customers but you also need to express your gratitude to your customer as they are important to you. There are many ways to express your gratitude and you can start with these 3 tips to be more customer friendly as we need to remember that if we want to grow sales, we should focus on growing relationships.

Go Above and Beyond

We all know the value of a good referral and most of the sellers rely on referrals to generate our best leads to new businesses. You should be grateful to those around you and your social circle but you don’t always follow through with expressing your gratitude. We should invest time and effort to maintain this relationship. You can jot down the referral source when we receive any type of referral so that we can express gratitude to their referral source by giving them a hand written thank you card or a small gesture such as buying a cup of coffee or a small dessert. You can also return the favor by giving them a referral with your own customers that need help that you cannot offer the solution.

Periodically Pop Up to Surprise and Delight

To maintain your relationship and stay in the mind of your contacts, be sure to contact them periodically over time. Instead of relying solely on emails or phone calls to express your ongoing gratitude, you can surprise and delight your contacts; however your touchpoints should be both well timed and creative in nature. You can do this by sending small household items, a movie night or a bottle of something that they might enjoy and be sure to thank them again for your relationship. Thoughtful gestures can touch our contacts’ hearts and build a lasting and fruitful relationship. Even though it may seem that it is a time and money investment, the reward is worth it because you would not only gain leads but maintain your social circle.

Automate Most of Your Non-relational Tasks

We need to take note of all the various tasks that keep your machine running but are not related to relationship building so you need to brainstorm ways to automate, delegate and outsource tasks such as building target lists, completing data entry tasks, filing and others. For example, utilising a schedule tool to automatically scan your calendar for opening and eradicating the need for going back and forth to confirm meetings.

Maintaining relationships with your social circle can benefit you personally and business wise. So what are you waiting for, pick up your phone and see your referral source that you can express your gratitude to.