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What to Expect From Salestech in the Future?

· Sales 101

A sale usually starts between a seller and a buyer but it has become more data driven. By using technology, the process is more productive and efficiently uses the customers’ intelligence and right tools.As more and more businesses are switching to remote working, salestech is becoming more important for business.

Remote and Hybrid Sales Workforce

Nowadays, 75 percent of buyers prefer to buy things online and through virtual interactions so sellers need to cater to where the customers are, online. Before, sales managers faced difficulty to monitor their teams and keeping the team productivity high but with sales tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs), managers can monitor their team’s performance and also move the workflow and leads to cloud platforms in which it would encourage transparency within the team.

Personalising the Buyers’ Experience

Buyers would always expect a tailored experience even from the first experine. To do this, it is essential to have sales assets and data from the customers’ previous interactions or preference. Sellers need to diversify their sales channel to align their activity with the buyers’ preferred engagement channel all the while keeping the brand experience consistent. Utilising personal journeys can improve the sales workflow and result in high sales revenue.

Joining forces with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) step up sales automation by humanising conversation that would lead to an increase in lead value and close rate. It can also simplify sales decisions through predictive forecasting. Right now, most reporting tools require humans to step in as it follows a certain algorithm but with Machine Learning, it can accomplish it on it’s own.

Evolving Sales Operation

To grow a business, strategic planning that is data driven is the fuel. The operation team role is to direct the sales team to close a deal and the operation team needs to evaluate the patterns from previous deals and target new industry or accounts.sales ops team need to analyse the historical data, draw industry trends and come up with a strategy to increase customers retention.

It is obvious that the world is shifting into a more advanced digital era and it is for the betterment of humankind. As a seller, we need to get on board so that we can be in the loop with our customers. So start small with a business manager and go from there.